Sal. aka TheDarkCloak.

Sal is an artist, illustrator, concept designer, musician and more!


A multi-disciplined audio-visual renaissance artist from Chicago with over 17 years of professional experience. He works on local and international film, game, print and theater projects. He is a co-founder & creator of the Anvil Art Forge group, which has been dedicated to the development and cultivation of not only craft, skill and technique, but of self, mind, and approach to the creative arts.

Sal has also been working with creatives (from starting emerging artists to established professional veterans) directly under his Artist DOING/BEING Mentorship over the last three years, now available on Patreon.

His skill set includes painting & sculpting in traditional and digital formats (2D/ 3D), creative development and execution from conceptual and planning stages, production design, pre-production through post-production, and additionally creates motion and sound design.

Sal has a decade long background in software and advertising where he designed and deployed several web-based platforms (using SaaS Agile methodologies) as part of a team, and was regularly contracted to develop new advertising media concepts and campaigns.

Sal Vador TheDarkCloak

Frozen Dead North, MN


Twitter: @thedarkcloak

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