Sal. aka TheDarkCloak.

Sal is an artist, illustrator, concept designer, musician and more!


A Chicago-born multi-disciplined audio-visual renaissance artist with over 18 years of professional experience. He works on local and international film, game, print and theater projects. He is a co-founder & creator of the Anvil Art Forge group, which has been dedicated to the development and cultivation of not only craft, skill and technique, but of self, mind, and approach to the creative arts.

Sal has also been working with creatives (from starting emerging artists to established professional veterans) directly under his Artist DOING/BEING Mentorship over the last three years, now available on Patreon.

Additionally, because of Sals wide breadth of experiences, he brings a unique set of skills to any and every project and pipeline he works on. Storytelling and creative problem solving are essential values at the core of what Sal is passionate about and integral to his approach as well as teaching.

Before pursuing art full time, Sal worked in software and advertising for a decade where he designed, project managed as well as deployed several web-based platforms (using SaaS Agile methodologies), and was regularly contracted to develop new advertising media concepts and campaigns.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Sal Vador TheDarkCloak

Frozen Dead North, MN


Twitter: @thedarkcloak

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