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Sal is an artist, illustrator, concept designer, musician and more...


A Chicago-born multi-disciplined audio-visual artist with over 18 years of professional experience. He works on local and international film, game, print and theater projects.


Additionally, Sal has a wide breadth of experience from which he brings a unique set of skills to any and every project and pipeline he works in. Storytelling, growth, invention and an insatiable curiosity are essential values at the core of what Sal is passionate about and integral to the way he approaches creative problem solving, as well as learning and teaching.

Before pursuing art full time, Sal worked in a company providing web-based software development and solutions for the out of home advertising industry for over a decade.

There he designed, project managed as well as deployed several platforms and applications working with local and international development teams while also fulfilling creative roles & responsibilities within the company and clients across the United States and the world. These regularly included graphic design, illustration and even developing new advertising media concepts and campaigns while working closely with agencies and fabricators alongside his software development duties.

He is a co-founder & co-creator of the Anvil Art Forge group, which has been dedicated to the development and cultivation of not only craft, skill and technique, but of self, mind, and a healthy approach to the creative arts. 

Tangentially, Sal has also been working with individual artists & creatives as part of his Artist DOING/BEING program over the last few years. Fueled from his passion for storytelling, growth, analysis and creative problem solving, Sal goes deep into specializing in dismantling the roadblocks of imposterism, creative block, and other pitfalls artists of all kinds tend to run into, while also reinforcing the fundamental skills, theories, and techniques of their craft.



"Sal is an extraordinary addition to any project he touches. He can weave stories and designs together to bring projects to life from concept to render and across different mediums. Sal aided in concepting, storyboarding, and illustrating level designs for a game project under our studio and provided crucial expertise to prepping designs for implementation into engine. 

Sal and I worked on a number of illustration projects together and managed several art communities/charity events/speaking opportunities. His commitment to learning and supporting others is inspiring. I am excited to see what Sal is and will be a part of because his commitment to craft and storytelling goes above and beyond."


- Jessica Fong, Vis Dev and Illustrator

"Sal is a talented and prolific illustrator and animator, special effects makeup artist, Production Designer, Technical Director, sound and video editor, and writer. We have collaborated together on a range of different projects, both on stage and on camera, where I have been able to witness his work in all of these areas first-hand. He always impresses me with his positive, professional attitude, his willingness to take on more, and his resourcefulness and problem solving abilities. Sal's work is always polished and professional looking whether our given deadline is weeks or hours away.

I feel privileged to have been involved in so many projects with Sal, and I look forward to working with him on new and challenging projects in the future. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a creative, collaborative, and ever-evolving professional artist."


- Margaret McDonald, Actor, UX Content Strategist

"Its rare to meet people with Sal's talent and energy. He is a talented artist, and understands what is needed to produce the assets needed. Sal is well versed in audio, video, and the tools used to create exciting environments for productions. Its always a pleasure to work with him."

- Steve Larson, Prepress, Composer, Sound Designer

"Sal is an enormous talent, he has an impeccable eye and ear for detail and texture. Sal adds a fullness to every project that he touches, designs, or creates. Sal is the first person that I have ever met that has had a deep and clear ability and understanding of the many layers of multimedia design. He brings visual and audio texture and life to any and all projects. Sal is the quintessential multimedia artist and producer."

- Hanakia Zedek, Professional Performer, Percussionist, Founder of the Philosophy of Nothing

"I have worked with Sal for several years. I recommend him highly as an artist, illustrator and multimedia designer.

While working with ads, websites and various other artistic projects, I have had to rely on Sal to put together creative presentations, for which he has described and outlined the artistic approach to each particular project. His creativity, resourcefulness and ability to see a project through really made our presentations distinctive and successful.

Sal's sensitivity, diligence, energy and sense of humor has also made him a joy to work with. I highly recommend him as a welcome addition to anyone seeking his expertise on a project."

- Raeann Ruth, Executive Director, The Historic Mounds Theatre, Founder of the Portage for Youth



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